A Look at Health Supplements

There are many ways to live a healthier life.  Diet and exercise are obviously the first two points of emphasis that your doctor will have when you talk to him or her, but for some of us, diet and exercise alone simply isn’t enough.

It is always nice to have a little bit of help, and there are a number of supplements on the market that do just that.  Here are a few health supplements that you might not be familiar with.


Adrenogen is one of the most popular Metagenics supplements available in stores and online.  This supplement regulates your adrenalin functions, and even provides you a nice boost of adrenal concentrate.

By regulating the function of your adrenal system, you can easily reduce the difficulties you might have dealing with stress.  It also provides B vitamins, which will help you to gain more energy as you use the supplement.

Metagenics supplements

Bone Builder

As we get older, our bones begin to give out on us.  For those who are dealing with bone or joint issues, Bone Builder is a great supplement that can help you to slow down the deterioration of your bones and joints. 

If you want to take care of your bones as you age, then this is definitely a product that you will want to look out for.


Estrovera is a supplement that provides relief for women dealing with menopause symptoms.  It’s a product that has designed to give you this support without the use of hormones, and it can help you deal with irritability and mood swings, hot flashes, and problems with sleeping.

Always talk to your doctor before you begin the use of any of these supplements.  If you consult your doctor about these issues, they should be able to point you in the right direction.