Why Didn’t the Doctor Order an MRI Test?

The MRI is a useful tool for diagnosing a variety of health problems in men and women. It is especially beneficial for an orthopedic surgeon when attempting to accurately diagnose a patient. However, advanced medical imaging in Toms River NJ is not always the answer to your health concerns. There are many reasons why you may need to schedule an MRI and many reasons your doctor may not feel that the procedure is necessary.

One reason the doctor may avoid an MRI test is due to its accuracy. Although it is highly beneficial in the diagnosis of an array of health conditions, it is not suitable for problems such as ACL tears.  A diagnosis of this tear is just as easily made by a physical examination, thus eliminating the need for the MRI testing.

Sometimes, it is not accuracy that is a concern, but simply because the MRI is not useful and more of a time waste than anything else. Advanced knee or hip arthritis, for example, is best viewed on an X-ray and may even be less useful than this alternative form of imaging. 

There may be other methods the doctor wants to try before jumping to an MRI. Most doctors will try an array of treatments before they schedule an MRI test. When treatment does not progress as well as the physician would like, he may, at this time, decide that it is time for further testing to determine the problems.

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Your surgeon knows best when it is time to schedule a procedure, so make sure that you trust his expertise. There are reasons why a test such as the MRI may not be performed and usually those reasons are unknown to the patient. When you trust the expertise of your doctor, you can rest assured he is making the best decisions for your good health.